Vision 2017-2022

As followers of Jesus Christ empowered by the Holy Spirit, we will be upward-focused – continually growing in maturity and obedience to our Lord. We will also be outward-focused – serving our neighbours, and earning a reputation throughout the Eastern Townships community for demonstrating the love of God in practical ways.
In the next five years, Lord willing, we will:

1) Grow In The Love Of God:

– Every person associated with Hope Community Church will have encountered the Good News of Jesus Christ through friendships, biblical teaching and discipleship, and will have various opportunities to become engaged in advancing His Kingdom. The fruit of the Holy Spirit will be evident in the lives of HCC members.
– We will aim toward having 90% of our church family becoming actively engaged in a Life Group or ministry team. We will implement regular training, communication and encouragement of our life group and ministry team leaders.
– We will be known throughout the Eastern Townships community as authentic Christians who demonstrate the love of God without judgment or expectations.

2) Grow In Worship Excellence:

– We will become excellent worshippers of God. Our worship ministry will strive for both musical and spiritual excellence, developing new opportunities for our church family and community to become engaged and transformed by His grace. We will leverage technology to maximize our ministry and communication with our church family and community.

3) Grow In Outreach And Missions:

– With a diversity of events aimed at reaching the broadest possible audience and needs in our community, we will expand our large community participation/outreach events to eight per year. We will participate in at least one short-term mission project each year.

4) Grow In Partnerships:

– We will establish new strategic partnerships with other ministries and groups in our community, and expand on existing partnerships – all with the aims of facilitating spreading the Love of God throughout the Eastern Townships and being the hands and feet of Jesus to all.

5) Grow In Attendance / Complete Renovations:

– Driven by an attraction to the Good News, excellent preaching, numerous ministry programs aimed at all ages, and the Love of God demonstrated in his people, Sunday morning attendance will grow to over 325, due to new believers and baptisms. The children and youth ministries will grow to over 180 in weekly participation
– The Cornerstone Complex, the building in which Hope Community Church meets, will be completely renovated by 2020 and be promoted regularly for rentals and use by, and for, our community. This project will require an immediate capital campaign, and increased giving and tithing among the church family and supporters.
– The Cornerstone Complex – with its people and activities centered on Jesus Christ – will be a hub of hope for our community.