Why Another App?

There are a lot of good Bible options out there. Obviously you can carry the printed word with you and not have to worry about the battery dying, but for those of us who already take our phones everyone, why not bring along a digital version that takes up no extra space in our pockets.

The Bible App by Youversion is great because it has over 2000 available translations in more than 1300 languages! On top of that many of the Bible choices will read out loud to you so you can “read” during your morning commute. The Bible App also has many Bible reading plans available that you can read alone or with friends. Last but not least, we’re experimenting with the Bible Apps built in “Events” as a means of distributing our digital bulletin each week.

So download the Bible App now and get reading God’s word!

The Bible App is available for download on both Android and iOS.

Download the Bible App from the Google Play Store   Download Church Center from the Apple Store