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About HCC Lennoxville

Welcome: Hope Community Church is actively seeking a full time Lead Pastor. Thank you for taking an interest in our church family. We value your time, so we have created this summary of pertinent information. If you need more information or are interested in proceeding with your application, please see the contact information on the last page. Blessings!

Mission: Our mission is simple yet profound: Being Jesus’s Hands and Feet

About Us: Hope Community Church (HCC), formerly known as Huntingville Community Church, moved from the small rural community of Huntingville to the centre of the Lennoxville borough of the city of Sherbrooke in 2012, The strategic move to Lennoxville was made in order to be in a more visible location in addition to acquiring a larger facility. HCC, now non-denominational, was founded in Huntingville in 1968 as a Plymouth Brethren assembly.
Prior to COVID-19, an average of 200 adults attended HCC every Sunday, with approximately 35 children regularly participating in our Sunday School program. We have vibrant Kids Club, Youth and Young Adults programs weekly as well as many home-based Life Groups. Monthly Seniors lunches (pre-COVID) as well as seasonal big-events are well attended by many from our congregation and community. Our community supported food bank assists over 50 families each month.

What We Believe: What we believe shapes our identity, and our identity shapes our actions. You can find our statement of faith online at: What We Believe

Core Values: Every organization has values. Some are spoken; others are simply “understood”. At HCC we have endeavored to clearly state the six main Biblical themes that we feel should be the driving force behind everything we do. You can find our statement of values online at: Core Values

HCC Staff & Leadership Team: We currently have 2 full time pastors and 4 members on the Leadership Team. You can see our team and their roles online at: Our Team

Our Facility: Our facility is new to us as of 2012. Formerly a Catholic church which was built in the 1950’s, it is located at the center of Lennoxville and we have a wonderful God story about how we were able to acquire it. We have undertaken many renovations and modernizations. Lord willing, we anticipate even more improvements to come.

One of the first things we did was to rename the building Cornerstone. We want our building to be the Cornerstone of the community; a place where everyone, not only Christians or our members, feel welcome and loved. Plus, Jesus is the Cornerstone of the Church and we desire to be in His presence!

Lennoxville: is a borough of Sherbrooke with official bilingual status (English and French). There are approximately 6000 permanent residents and an additional 3000 students. Lennoxville’s biggest attraction is the University & College campus. Bishop’s University is one of Quebec’s oldest post-secondary institutions. It shares a campus with the Champlain Regional College. Their students certainly make up an important part of Lennoxville’s personality.

The body of Christ in Lennoxville is served by multiple student ministries, five other churches as well as the Quebec House of Prayer.

Language: While half of Lennoxville is English-speaking, the city of Sherbrooke, like the province of Quebec, is largely Francophone. Quebec has a population that is less than 1% born- again Christians – meaning we are strategically placed in a mission field. Although we are a predominately English church in a bilingual community, knowledge of the French language or the willingness to learn is a significant asset for all candidates.

Vision of Our Future: We want to be a people of vision so in 2016 we cast a vision for the
next five years. We made our plan knowing that God’s plan is always greater than ours.
You can find our five year plan (2017-2022) online at: Our Vision – 2017-2022.

Lead Pastor Mandate

To preach and teach the Word of God in a manner that fosters the evangelization of our community. To lead, mentor and inspire the Leadership Team and the family of believers to a deeper understanding and commitment in serving our Savior and community.

12 Fundamental Requirements:

  1. Have a vital walk with Jesus Christ evidenced by faithfulness, passion, and an appreciation for God’s grace.
  2. Have a gift and a passion for preaching the eternal, inerrant, and unalterable Word of God as revealed in the Old and New Testaments.
  3. Practice personal one-on-one evangelism and discipleship and be committed to equipping others to do the same.
  4. Be committed to community as a key strategy for church growth and discipleship.
  5. Be committed to Biblical Counseling.
  6. Be an authentic communicator, easy to understand, and down-to-earth.
  7. Demonstrateawillingnessandabilitytosharewithothersinalargegroupsettingandone-on-one from their heart and life.
  8. Be humble to accept input from those they are leading, as well as be appropriately transparent with the many, and intimately transparent with a few.
  9. Display a track record of personal management, leadership, and professionalism and have developed a personal model for Gospel-driven productivity.
  10. Have adequate pastoral and teaching experience in a multi-staff church/parachurch or
    relevant setting.
  11. Be actively seeking to lead their family into relationship with Christ. The Lead Pastor’s
    family should be supportive of God’s call on their life.
  12. Proven commitment to delivering results, leading change, and motivating a family of believers.

6 Critical Competencies

  1. Prayer
    The Lead Pastor must have a personal reliance upon prayer. The Lead Pastor will model, encourage and facilitate the family of believers to be a praying community.
  2. Teaching
    The Lead Pastor will be the primary teacher for the church and will preach God’s Word faithfully, according to sound doctrine, consistently expressing the central message of the Gospel in the Sunday morning messages. The Lead Pastor should be committed to the historical-grammatical exposition of Scripture and seek to present the teaching in a way that is Spirit-led, relevant, authentic, and personally applicable.
  3. The Lead Pastor will:

    1. Preach 85% of Sundays within a calendar year.
    2. Communicate preaching series to ministry staff and volunteers to coordinate their respective responsibilities as needed.
    3. Plan preaching for all special services. (Christmas, Easter, etc.)
    4. Oversee the administration of the Believer’s Baptism, Communion and New Believers classes.
  4. Leadership/Team Building
    The Lead Pastor should meet the qualifications for an elder as outlined in 1 Timothy and Titus 1. The Lead Pastor will be Gospel-driven and Gospel-driving, mission-minded (for the lost), and an effective trainer and delegator. The Lead Pastor as part of the Leadership Team (LT), will lead and hold accountable the pastoral staff, ministry team leaders and volunteers. The Lead Pastor will be accountable to the LT.
  5. The Lead Pastor will:

    1. Dream and prayerfully establish vision with the LT for the church.
    2. Conduct weekly pastoral team meetings and monthly LT meetings. Meet regularly with volunteer ministry leaders, encouraging and equipping the church in achieving and exceeding vision.
    3. Lead and encourage pastoral team and LT and provide optimal functioning of administrative duties.
      • Work with the pastoral team, LT and ministry volunteers to establish measurable objectives for all ministries in keeping with the mission of the church.
      • Work with the pastoral team and LT to coordinate and execute an annual church strategy, annual goals, and review of ministry objectives.
  6. Evangelism & Discipleship
    The Lead Pastor will demonstrate a lifestyle of personal evangelism and discipleship and oversee its application in congregational life.
  7. The Lead Pastor will:

    1. Support and evaluate existing outreach ministries and encourage creativity in the development of new outreach ministries.
    2. Encourage and motivate the church family in the gift of hospitality and to invite neighbours and friends to various church family functions.
    3. In collaboration with pastoral team and ministry leaders, coordinate people’s involvement in ministry, and ongoing personal discipleship.
  8. Shepherding
    The Lead Pastor will lead the LT in nurturing and administering the overall shepherding ministry of the church.
  9. The Lead Pastor will:

    1. Participate in and encourage visitation.
    2. Assist in equipping encouraging and training new and existing Life Group and ministry team leaders.
    3. Cultivate the development of the spiritual gifts within the church family.
  10. Pastoral Care and Counseling
    The Lead Pastor will be involved in pastoral care of individuals, couples, families, and groups as opportunities and needs arise. The Lead Pastor must also recognize the importance of and have experience with Biblical Counseling.
  11. The Lead Pastor will:

    1. Seek to nurture the mental, emotional, and spiritual health of HCC.
    2. Refer cases to Christian professionals when needed and provide appropriate follow-up.

Employment Details

Physical Demands and Working Conditions:
The Lead Pastor will handle detailed, complex concepts and problems, will balance multiple tasks simultaneously, and will make appropriately considered decisions.
The Pastor will participate in creating plans and implementing programs with the pastoral staff, Leadership Team and Ministry Team Leaders.
The Pastor will establish strong and appropriate relationships with the Leadership Team, Pastoral Staff, volunteers, donors, members, and the community.
The Pastor will plan and meet deadlines.
The Pastor will maintain a flexible work schedule and established office hours to meet the demands of the church community. The hours may be long and irregular at times but HCC will continuously support and value a healthy work/family life balance.
The Pastor will convey a professional and positive image and attitude regarding HCC.
The Pastor will demonstrate a commitment to continued professional growth and development.

Salary and Living Costs:
The salary range for the Lead Pastor is $62,000- $80,000 annually plus benefits.
On average the cost of living in Sherbrooke is less than most major Quebec and Canadian cities. The quality of life in the Eastern Townships is rated very high. Have a look online to learn what others say. Better yet, come and visit our church family and the surrounding area to see for yourself!

More information:
For more general information or information pertaining to the application process please contact Timothy McLean – Pastor Search Team chair